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Larkfield's Most Professional Respite Care Services

Home Carer

Clients in both Larkfield and Kent can trust in our ability to provide first class respite services, while also ensuring exceptional care for each individual.

Since 2002, our family-owned business has been providing top-quality respite services in Larkfield and Kent. We have a cost-effective solution to give you temporary support while caring for a sick or elderly family member.

At Xtracare, we offer extensive home assistance services. Our dependable respite providers are available to assist with various needs, ranging from caring for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's to assisting with everyday tasks such as meal preparation and household chores.

You can get in touch with us on 01622 792845 and have a private discussion with one of the members of our friendly and understanding respite team.

Experienced and qualified respite providers

As one of Larkfield and Kent's leading providers of respite services, we have invested in our home help and care team to make sure they can attend specialised courses such as those that address dementia, Alzheimer's, bereavement and manual handling. We ensure all members of staff possess or are actively working towards the NVQ Level 2 in care. Moreover, we support those who are capable of reaching higher qualifications financially.

We are proud to be associated with the Care Quality Commission and the Kent Integrated Care Alliance, as well as being recognised as a Social Service Approved Home Care Provider. Our commitment to professionalism and maintaining excellent quality standards is well known.

If you are in need of respite services in Larkfield and Kent, our expert team is the perfect fit. Our providers have a great deal of experience, coupled with an approachable and empathetic attitude. We are aware it can be difficult to broach certain topics, so we offer plenty of helpful advice and tangible solutions.

Our Aylesford base offers exceptional respite services to customers in Larkfield and Kent. For further information on our devoted high dependency care, please visit this website. If you require more information or need to request respite assistance, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable and welcoming carers anytime.

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