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Professional and Trusted Patient Escorting in Aylesford

Picking up pensions and prescriptions or making it to important doctor's appointments can be a huge drain on your energy and time, so the trusted and dedicated professionals at Xtracare Services can help.  

Buses and taxis are a highly effective way of getting around but if you suffer from a particular condition or you are prone to falling or tripping, it can create some additional confidence and comfort when going out if an experienced and friendly carer is with you.

Our professional and friendly team receive ongoing training in helping people get around safely and help Aylesford clients cope with the effects of conditions such as dementia, muscular dystrophy and Parkinsons, so whatever your requirements, our team will provide the additional help you need.

Escorting a Patient in Kent

Picking up prescriptions and pensions

Much like our Aylesford shopping service, we provide full flexibility in our patient escorting service and will simply accompany you to pick things like pensions and prescriptions up, or do all the waiting around in queues and collecting for you, tied in with shopping or any of our other collection or escorting services.  

Escorting you to general appointments

Ensure that you get to your appointment safely and on time, with someone who understands exactly how much assistance and help you require. We will take you to the bank, doctor's appointments, the Post Office or just to visit and meet friends. We're here to help you get around!

Escorting you to the hospital

Hospital appointments can make life even more difficult for you, with long and tiring waiting times an all too common occurrence. If you need support and help getting to and from the hospital, we will lighten the load on your family by getting you there on time, waiting until your appointment is over and then getting you back to your Aylesford home safely.   

Trust Xtracare to make your day a little easier

We specialise in providing flexible and highly adaptable patient escorting support to Aylesford individuals and clients with a wide range of disabilities, conditions and illnesses; we know that everyone is different and treat everyone like an individual, tailoring the service and support they need around their requests and making day-to-day life a little bit easier for Aylesford clients and their families. 

No matter what your needs are for pension collection or help getting to any kind of appointment across Aylesford, contact us at Xtracare today and talk to one of our friendly team about getting that little extra help getting through your day.